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Have I ever told you I love camping? Okay, well if you just laughed in derision Glamping. The first few weeks on The Great Bend were a bit on the chilly side. Calm down I didn’t say cold. I said chilly. There were a few nights that dropped into the low 30s and upper 20s. We survived. But now the warmth and sunshine are here and we are enjoying every moment of it we can. We’ve made so many new friends and continue to do so. Well, Pete does. If it weren’t for him and his gregarious personality it would be lonely around my campfire. We suit each other. He pulls me up from my tendency to be an introvert and in turn, I pull him back to sanity when he invited the entire world to a great big party. Balance, you know.  Our recent adventures have been to the Tallahassee Flea Market and this past Saturday we ventured to Carrabelle and enjoyed some beach time and a visit to a lighthouse always one of my favorites. I put a slide show of a few pics on my “More” page D.V.s guest blogs, reviews, and so much more. Head over after visiting with today’s guest. One of these days Tena and I are going glamping together. So get to know her. HI TENA!!! For those who haven’t joined us before tell them who you are other than your bio. I was a radio DJ for a couple of years at a local Rock and Roll station KKFM. As a teenager and young adult, I taught roller skating at a local rink. The Colorado outdoors is where I like to spend my time when I’m not on deadline. What interests besides writing do you enjoy?  Love camping or as you call it glamping in our 38 foot 5th wheel. National and state parks are our favorites. Hiking mountain trails. Photography is another passion. I am a voracious reader of paranormal, mysteries, and entertaining books. We checked out a campground on St. George’s Island are interested in staying at the Who is your network or support system? It’s a small campground that can fit 2Hoots. We chatted up some campers on the visit. Speaking of chatting up people, who are your support system? First and foremost it would be my husband.  He’s there for the ups and downs always with an encouraging word.  My best friend in Las Vegas as been a great support from the beginning. She is one of my beta readers. She’s always asking when the next book will be out, just as she’s finished one.  LOL Local writer friends are also support as well as the assistance I get from fellow authors from The Wild Rose Press. Who or what books or authors inspire you? Deborah Harkness (Discovery of Witches) Molly Harper (How to run with a naked werewolf series and her vampire series) She was a humor columnist for years. Of course Nora Roberts.  Love her paranormal series. Do you have any fun or outrageous talent? I can walk into a restaurant and a crying baby will be heard. As I stated above I was a Radio DJ, that was a fun job, perks included attending any concert the station sponsored and meeting the bands. The downside is pay. If you aren’t on the east or west coast or syndicated, the pay sucks. It’s a cut-throat industry. I love to whitewater kayak as well as relax and paddle on a calm lake watching all the wildlife. I haven’t been to a concert in years. However, I do vaguely remember a couple of Grateful Dead concerts long long ago. What is your neighborhood like? Are there any places you frequent? What makes them special? I live in a well-established neighborhood. The dog and I used to walk every morning until sidelined with health problems from COVID. But things are getting better. It’s a quiet neighborhood for the most part. I love watching all the flowers and landscape come alive in the Spring. There’s a neighborhood park that my dog Mystic likes to climb through the tunnel and slide down the slide when the kids allow. LOL Do you have a favorite childhood book? And what writing inspired you to become an author. Favorite childhood book would be the Nancy Drew Mysteries and Trixie Beldon books. I loved them all (still have them on my bookshelves). If I didn’t like the ending, I’d rewrite it to suit my needs. I know this is going to sound terrible, but when I read a certain vampire series about Bella and …, I thought, Hey I can do that good. A year later I was published. Realize that I’ve written since I learned to read and write. Also I have a an overactive imagination and an insatiable curiosity that drive me. If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be? Fight song by Rachel Platten If you could eat anything in the world right now, what would it be? Pizza.  It’s my favorite food group. LOL My favorite as well. Pepperoni is at the top of the list. If you could time travel, where would you go and when?   To when Steve Jobs started Apple. Why? I would love to talk research and development with him. Also, visit with the young Bill Gates about his dreams for computers and Microsoft.  Yeah, I’m a nerd at heart. LOL Who is the most interesting person you’ve met and talked with?  Author Tony Hillerman’s daughter, Anne Hillerman. She took up his stories when he passed. She had a lot of stories growing up with him and adventures when she decided to continue his legacy. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?  Yes, I read all my reviews.  I relish the good ones. The bad ones, I read once, see if there is anything I can learn from them and never read them again. Writing is hard enough without listening to the naysayers. After all writing is subjective. What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?  The thesaurus series by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Scrivener program. Ugh, Scrivener and I are not friends. We’ve been introduced but never clicked. Tena, what a great fireside chat. Before you head off on your next adventure I hear you have some exciting news. Tell us what you’ve been working on. An Angel’s Wylder Assignment by Tena Stetler Coming soon! 3-9-22 It takes a Warrior Angel and Native American Shifter to save the past and create their future. Review by Still Moments Magazine – Darlene Fredette The story is engaging with a beautiful setting in Wylder, WY, but it’s the characters that make this story fun to read.  This western, paranormal book was an enjoyable read ​ Inside look! Warrior Angel Killian Dugan’s annual trip to the family castle in Scotland is shattered by the arrival of Legion Commander North. Killian’s skills are needed for an urgent time travel assignment. A rogue demon has escaped back in time. He must discover the why and where and stop the demon before it can damage the past and change the future. Killian’s girlfriend Chinoah Grace, a Native American shapeshifter is included in the mission which takes them to the wild west town of Wylder, Wyoming in the year 1878. She will have her hands full fitting in and making friends. Nothing is as it seems.  They encounter visions, spirit quests, and a mysterious shaman.  On top of it all, blending in as a blacksmith is more physically difficult than he imagined. But not as challenging as keeping his hands off his undercover wife. Will they complete their assignment or run out of time? Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazson.DE (Germany) Barnes & Noble iBook’s – Google play – Not available yet KOBO – Not available yet A bit more about the author In Tena’s past lives she’s been a savings and loan branch manager, a paralegal for a criminal law firm, IT Manager for an electrical contracting firm, and now a published writer.  After trying on many hats, she finally found the one that fits the best.  Or in other words, she loves making things up to entertain others.  LOL Want More! Okay, here you go… Website: Authors’ Secret’s Blog – My Say What Blog – Facebook Page: Twitter Page: Goodreads: Amazon: Newsletter: Pinterest: Tribber – Bookbub: Instagram: Tumblr: Linkedin –