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Earl Hanson needs a vacation and I’m just the lady to give it to him! On my yearly trip to Anna Maria Island, I took Laura Strickland’s Forever Wyld to read on the beach. Her vivid descriptions of Earl’s trips between his cabin and town in the middle of winter gave me the shivers – on the beach!

Forever Wyld is the tale of Earl Hanson as he steps away from life as a Sheriff. I loved learning about his past. I had assumed every Old West Sheriff was a boy scout with an impeccable record. Earl was delightfully imperfect and swoon-worthy as a reformed bad boy. Victoria Major found a gem! I loved the scenes where they were in the Trailing End Saloon (the town’s dive bar). The subtle flirtations and stolen smiles were heart-melting. However, Louise stole the show. I had no idea and her presence caught me by surprise. Who is Louise? No spoilers here.

My favorite part of this book was the villain. Eulalia Culpepper is positively horrifying. She is a widow with her eyes on Earl. All the men in Wylder avoid her abrasive personality and cringe-worthy coat. The dead fox she wears is the perfect symbol of her plans for Earl. She will love Wylder’s Silver Fox to death. The lengths he goes to avoid her are hilarious as well as his attempts to let her down gently. I laughed out loud several times at the scenes where she flags him down in the street.

Overall, I highly recommend this newest installment to the Wylder West series to fans of historical romance, second chances, and finding love later in life. Strickland’s books are heartfelt and humorous, and Forever Wyld fits in the mold. I can’t wait to read what she does next.