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Eliza Jane O’Hanlan is called west to care for her ailing mother. Raised by a spinster aunt, she only knows that her mother is a successful businesswoman. When she arrives in Wylder she is shocked to learn her mother is the town madam. But the secrets don’t end there…

Doctor Sam “Coyote” Sullivan saw enough suffering and dying in the war to last a lifetime. He is more than happy to help the town madam keep her girls free of disease—and worse. The moment she arrives in town, the madam’s daughter makes it clear she doesn’t approve of her mother’s unconventional methods—or him.

Before long, Eliza doesn’t just have the town of Wylder in a stir. She has Coyote pretty stirred up, too.



“Howdy!” The girl said, regarding her with a wide smile. “You new here, honey? Miss Addie didn’t say we had any new girls comin’ on.” She walked to the porch rail and extended a hand. “My name’s Ruby.”
Eliza climbed the steps. Up close, Ruby looked much older than “girl.” Considerably so.
“Miss O’Hanlan,” the doctor called from the yard below. “Before you go inside, I think—”
“Come on in,” Ruby held the door open. “Miss Addie had a fall a little while back so she won’t be down here to greet you, but I’ll take you up. What’d you say your name was ag’in hon? Course it don’t matter, we’ll be changin’ it anyway…”
The girl rambled on but Eliza stopped in mid step. Heavy red drapes with gold trim covered the windows, blocking most of the light and keeping the interior dim. A gold-trimmed mirror all but covered one wall and a life-sized painting of a woman who looked just like Mother, wearing a low-cut velvet gown, dominated the first landing.
The cloying aromas of perfume and tobacco mingled to tease her nose along with another muskier scent she couldn’t place. “This looks like…” She turned a slow circle.
The doctor bounded up the steps. “Miss O’Hanlan, I think you should know—”
A prickle of realization moved over her skin. “This is a whore house!”


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