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I am honored to announce Dance to a Wylder Beat was awarded 5-stars by InD’tale Magazine. This is my first review from the literary magazine and I jumped out of my skin when I got the congratulatory email. My favorite part of the review is the reviewer recognized the care to portray the Sagebrush brothers as an accurate representation of Native American men in 1878. Dance to a Wylder Beat is a light-hearted tribute to the First Nation’s ancestors from the 1870s.

The full review can be found here – Dance to a Wylder Beat (The Wylder West) | InD’tale Magazine ~ Indie & Small Published Book Reviews (indtale.com)


Have you danced with the Sagebrush brothers? Here’s the back of the book blurb for Olive and the hottest leather tanners in Wylder:

Nartan Sagebrush’s name may mean “to dance” in Arapaho, but he dances in secret. Forced to abandon his Shamanic apprenticeship, he is overwhelmed with homesteader life, and even his spirit guides are at their wit’s end. Nartan takes fate into his own hands. Instead of divine intervention, a wife will help with his responsibilities and in assimilating into the Wylder community.

Olive Muegge answers Nartan’s “wife wanted” advertisement. Wildly independent she has secretly dreamed of a family to call her own. The secret she carries inside makes her an outcast and her wild ways don’t fit the quiet wife Nartan thinks he desires. Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other but a mistake may drive them apart. Will Nartan embrace his Shamanic past to save them both or will he choose to rid himself of Olive forever?

Ready to dance?

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