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May 12, 2021 Riding a horse is always more pleasant in the summer than the winter. However, in the summer, Dixie liked to, shall we say, stop and taste the sweet clover. And when I say stop, I mean stop. Instantly. We could be trotting or galloping past a small field of clover and she would stop and start eating. No amount of prodding would get her moving again until she would decide to, usually with a mouth of clover to snack on. A side effect of Dixie’s “clover tooth” was a rotund physique. And the plumper she became, the harder it was to keep the saddle from slipping off to her side. We had to keep her locked in the corral to keep her from making herself sick by overeating. When we did that she got even worse about stopping for a tasty morsel. She was like an addict. With that, I am reminded of another movie. Have you ever watched Troop Beverly Hills with Shelley Long as a troop leader selling cookies in front of Weight Watchers. Next time I will tell you about Dixie in the snow. Jacki