Friday the th Party graveyard invite
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Once the soot clears from the Fourth of July sky, I’m thinking about Halloween. Have you ever wondered who buys Halloween decor in August? That’s me. With wolf spiders making their homes around my house, we are haunted all summer long. I love the spooky season but unfortunately, my pumpkins haven’t turned orange yet. I don’t have the magical powers of Alison from Bear with Me so I must wait for Mother Nature.

That won’t stop me from partying like it’s October 31st! I would like to invite you to the first Facebook party in the Paranormal Romantics fan group. Celebrate romance with authors who love vampires, shifters, witches, time travelers, aliens, ghosts, Fae, elves, and all creatures who go bump in the night. Starting at 3:00pm EST, the authors of the Paranormal Romantics will be dropping by in half-hour increments for games, giveaways, and behind-the-scenes tidbits on their books.  One special author will be announcing a new release! Which one? Find out on Friday, August 13th in the Paranormal Romantics Fan Group.

Join our group here so you don’t miss out on a hauntingly fun party.- Paranormal Romantics Fans | Facebook.

Get to know the Paranormal Romantics authors by following our blog here – Paranormal Romantics blog spot