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Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said, “Change is the only constant in life.” I’m a firm believer in this. One time a former employer asked me why I always wanted to change things, I answered. “I like moving and not being stagnant. If it doesn’t work, then we can always go back but if it does, think of the possibilities.” ​ Since contracting the measles when I was 7 years old, I’ve been hearing impaired. If I’m in a place with a lot of background noise, everything becomes “buzzing”. I tend to back off and isolate myself in large groups, not understanding what they are saying. If the noise isn’t too bad, I can lip-read to an extent. My family and friends have gotten used to me and my “positioning”. Going out with friends for dinner, I pick either end of the table on the opposite side, so my good ear is toward the group. Walking down the street often breaks out into a dance of me and whoever shuffling positions. I prefer to drive, so everyone is on my right. One time I went to the doctor because my right ear was bothering me. Trust me, when one doesn’t work, you are on it when something starts up with the other. Unfortunately, when he tried to remove the problem (TMI alert), earwax further pushed down, and I became almost totally deaf. It was a Friday, and the ENT couldn’t see me until Monday. One of my worst fears happened. The entire world was shut out. Monday came, and the problem was resolved, but the experience still haunts me. I think that’s why I avoided audiobooks. If I have a bud in my left ear, the world is shut out. It’s not true, but it was my perception. In the past few years, our life began to have many changes. Before with my hubby and I working full-time, travel was limited. But after we bought our camper, as my sister says, the world became our oyster. Traveling for hours, sometimes for several days, left a lot of downtimes. So, why not. I was in a safe environment. Pete usually drives, and if anyone knows him, he has a booming voice, so no problem hearing him. I went out and bought a set of comfortable earbuds. Since then, I’ve been hooked, and it followed that Rock House Grill would be my first audiobook. Hearing Shay and Aden’s story brought to life by the incredible Emelie Pla brought tears to my eyes. I don’t wear headphones when I’m driving. I will confess when I’m taking a walk and “vant to be alone”, I’ll put both in even though the left ear one isn’t needed; I tend to be left alone. Shh, don’t tell on me. If you love audiobooks or have hesitated to try one, I hope you’ll give Rock House Grill a whirl. Here’s the link www.amazon.com/Audible-Rock-House-Grill/dp/B09S247QGL What about you? Does something hold you back? I’d love to chat about it with you.