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I am Jacki Ring, author of the soon to be released Dangerous Revelations. This romantic suspense novel will be available on April 14th, although it is now available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In this book, Dillon Johnson is reeling from the death of his beloved stepmother Paula. When her will is read, he finds she has not only had a daughter he knew nothing about, but also gave her up for adoption. Paula’s will had left a bequest to this young woman, Carly James. Carly, upon receiving word of the bequest, travels from Oregon to Dillon’s remote Nebraska ranch to learn more about her birth mother. Upon meeting, they experience an intense attraction toward one another. As they become acquainted, however, strange men threaten them and bring violence into their lives. It all seems to be connected to Paula’s journals. But why?

I had a lot of fun writing this book. I grew up on a Nebraska Sandhill ranch and I am proud of that part of my past. It is also becoming an increasingly rare way of life. According to the USDA the number of US farms steeply declined from 1935 until the 1970s and continues to decline today. I am hoping that the realistic description of ranch life as the setting will not only entertain you but also make you aware of this wonderful way of life. If it intrigues you, I hope you will follow this blog to find more pictures and stories about a rancher’s life.

The rural setting requires that the characters be independent when trouble arrives. If the sheriff is in his office, it would take him a good half an hour to arrive. If they are out in the field it could easily take far longer. The roads can be unimaginable for those used to wide paved roads. I am including a picture of what I drove on every day to high school. And this is one of the better roads! Many are a single lane of washboard gravel where if you top 30-40 mph it can be dangerous.

In Dangerous Revelations, though, when trouble is imminent, help is just around the bend in the form of good friends and neighbors. The people of the Nebraska Sandhills rely on one another, no questions asked. Just like in the book, people like Jan and Bob step up to help out in any way they ask. This is why I dedicated the book to the “strong, independent men and women of the Nebraska Sandhills.”

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