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Fans of MURDER IN HIGH COTTON should know that another haunting tale from the Arkansas Delta is coming their way. Book #4, THE SUMMER HOUSE AT LARKSPUR, a full-length novel, has been scheduled for initial edits. Artist Kris Norris has recently completed the cover design, featuring the luxuriant background of a tumble-down estate and Mosey, perched on her granddaddy’s old truck, in awe of what she is seeing, never having expected to encounter anything so old, so splendidly decadent, or…macabre on the outskirts of Hembree.


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    Thanks so much for your comment. I followed your instructions but didn’t find a review. I understand you are a writer and former teacher of creative writing. Are you a reviewer for Book Gems? Feedback on Murder in High Cotton would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.