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I can remember on more than one occasion asking each of my three sons what had possessed them to try what they had tried. They did get into some precarious situations. I usually managed to escape the room before I laughed. From baby powder fights with three small boys and a room covered in a white film to pushing each other down the stairs in the clothes basket until one of them got hurt, (fun until it wasn’t) there was never a dull moment. I was amazed at what they could come up with. Like jumping off the top bunk in a Superman cape and hitting the ceiling light before they hit the ground or throwing their younger brother over the railing to the couch below to see how high he would bounce (not so funny) though looking back now it is. The oldest boy told me in all seriousness, geez mom, we put pillows down in case he hit the floor. I think it got much worse as they got into their teens because I still hear new things from time to time. I understand the look on the cow’s face. I think I’ve made it several times over the years.  I still make it as I hear new stories emerge and then I breathe a sigh of relief that they are alive and grew to such caring men.