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I come from a long line of strong independent women. My great-great grandmother was a widow when she loaded up her boys and headed for the Cherokee Land Race. It must have been frightening yet exciting. But she did what she had to do to support her young family. In Dangerous Revelations, Carly is just this type of woman.

She is fiercely protective of young Taylor and stands by Dillon’s side when he needs her help. And in one confrontation with a dangerous man, she takes a chance and grabs the first heavy item—a fire extinguisher—to knock the man out to save her mother and Taylor.

Carly is a teacher and seizes her happily ever after by leaving her teaching job in Portland, Oregon and applying for a much different one at a K-8 one room school. Although they are disappearing, one room schools do still exist. I attended one and my sister taught at one. So writing about this brought sweet memories to mind. The school below is the one my sister taught at and was called Well Valley.

Pretty desolate, huh? It can be. In fact, when I was in upper elementary we had a prairie fire that started at our school due to burning trash and high wind. The school was not in danger due to wind direction, but we couldn’t reach the volunteer firefighters because they were all in Good Friday services and the church had no phone. So, we grabbed buckets of water and burlap sacks and started fighting the flames alongside our teacher in a dress, hose, and pumps. That’s what country teachers do!

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