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The first ranch auction I remember attending was when I was about five. Dad and I went together and he registered me as a bidder so I could bid on the one thing I had my heart set on—an Easy Bake oven. Dad had to hold me during the bidding so I could be high enough to be seen when I raised my hand. I was ecstatic when I won the bid, although I doubt if too many of the ranchers attending really wanted it!

Many auctions have a ladies’ club come in to sell lunch. I guess that is the equivalent of a food truck in the Sandhills. I remember the menu usually consisted of Sloppy Joe’s, baked beans, potato chips, various types of pie, and coffee or soda. There was seldom much of a place to sit while eating so you just perched wherever you could while balancing your paper plate.

My parents sold their ranch well over 20 years ago and had an auction in October. The entire family had worked hard for several weeks getting ready and when we woke up the morning of the sale it was miserably cold and snowing. Despite the weather we had a very good crowd show up. In fact, one man called and asked if we could be sure Dad’s old Ford pickup sold later in the sale. His teenaged son wanted to buy it as a father/son project and the weather was slowing them down. We did hold it back and the young man was able to purchase it. The sale was a big success!

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