release day twins for Book Gems
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Happy release day to my Release Day Twin and Wylder Sister-from-another-mister, Nicole McCaffrey! It is my pleasure to welcome Chocolate Chip Christmas Wishes to the TWRP Christmas Cookies Book Series! Nicole’s book is delightful and I’m honored to share a book birthday with her.

Here’s the blurb for Chocolate Chip Christmas Wishes!

Jake Mistletoe is the North Pole’s resident bad boy. Half elf, half human, he is the only child of a single mother who just happens to be Santa’s head elf. Fed up with his wild, partying ways and lack of direction, his mother sends him to the real world for a dose of reality.

Lucy Prescott is all alone in this world. Since the death of the grandparents who raised her, she has struggled to keep their Christmas novelty shop running in a dated, dying Christmas-themed tourist town.

When Jake appears in town, magic seems to be in the air. For the first time in ages, life holds excitement, and Lucy finds herself wondering … what if?

Are you in the Christmas spirit? Let’s turn up the heat ( and I don’t mean the furnace) with the blurb from The Spy Who Loved MY Russian Tea Cakes

Reiki Practitioner Cassie Bench is the black sheep of her family.  She would rather work over the Christmas holidays than answer her family’s interrogation about her non-existent love life and career choices.  She assures herself it has nothing to do with the handsome coma patient, Sergei Chekov who stars in her dreams.

Sergei wakes from blackness and dreams of a siren’s call.  He isn’t sure who he can trust when the woman from his dreams walks into his room with his favorite childhood treat to jog his memory.  Despite his attraction to her, he must escape to safety.

Cassie is heartbroken and left with nothing but questions. Who was the woman who convinced her to wake Sergei?  Why is the FBI involved? And will she ever see Sergei again or will she be left to pine over the spy who loved Russian tea cakes?