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Today’s entry from Santa’s Crumbs takes us to Alaska and back in time to 1953. I loved this book and can’t wait to share with you Sarita’s world!

Here’s my review –

Snickerdoodle Snowmen by Sarita Leone is a sweet tale of a grouch brightened by a ray of sunshine. This is my favorite romance trope and I’m a huge fan of Leone’s works, so I went into the book with high expectations. Boy, did she deliver! What I loved most were the world-building details that made North Pole Alaska irritating to our grouchy hero Santos Kloss. He hates Christmas due to childhood teasing over his name. I loved his reaction to the Christmas-themed bedding in the North Pole Inn. It was more than a printed pattern and his reaction was more than a tirade. His reaction traveled through the story as gossip does in a small town.

Kris owns the bakery who Santos has traveled to Alaska to cover for his newspaper. She is the ultra-responsible, wounded heroine that Leone writes so well. Kris has a past which has not only broken her heart but strained her family relations and bakery finances. I loved how Leone conveyed the struggles of Kris without pulling down the overall mood of the book. Kris is an optimist who brightens the snowy landscape. You will want her to be your next book bestie.

Even though this book takes place in 1953, it doesn’t read as a historical fiction novella. I highly recommend Snickerdoodle Snowmen to contemporary and historical romance readers who are looking for a little holiday cheer.☃️❄️🎄