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I love books with mythical creatures like the fair in Magic and Midnight Mint Bars by Iona Morrison and the elf hero in Macaroons by Moonlight by Annette Miller. Today’s new releases in the TWRP Christmas Cookies series are a delight for those who love the magic in the holiday season. Here’s more about Iona Morrison’s blur fairy tale:

 Months after a bitter divorce, Sally Mansfield is spending Christmas with her best friends at the Blue Iris Inn. Fifty pounds thinner than the last time they were together, she is excited for her friends to see the change. She might still be wounded, her self-esteem at rock bottom, but Sally is determined to have a fun holiday with her friends.

A recent broken engagement brought Chad Bennett back to Blue Cove. Intrigued by Sally, he is interested in learning more, but she remains a closed book and truthfully so is he. Is it possible with the help of a little Christmas magic, a winsome sprite named Elida, some chocolate goodness, and friends, two lonely souls can find friendship and the possibility of a lot more over the holidays?


While the fairytale brings together two members of the same hometown, Annette Miller’s story brings together two strangers in the night. Here’s more about Macaroons by Moonlight:

When Joanna Robillard’s car breaks down in front of the Heavenly Bites cookie shop, it’s just another part of the string of bad luck since she started her trip west. Her money’s almost gone, now she needs repairs and a place to stay. When the owner of the shop comes out, she’s struck by his resemblance to the tall elves in fantasy movies.

Davin Mines owns the shop where Joanna’s car breaks down. He offers her a temporary job to help her earn money to get her car fixed. But the longer she’s there, the more he thinks she belongs with him. However, he has his own magical secret to fulfill the promise of the holiday season.

Which one will you read first?