release triplets for book gems
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Happy New Release Day to Coconut Macaroon Scandal by Virginia Barlow, Linzer Tarts and Broken Hearts by Carol Henry, and Snowdrop Cookie Wishes by Laura Strickland! All three of these book are new additions to The Wild Rose Press Christmas Cookie Book Series and each one is a unique sweet treat. I’ll start by introducing you to Laura’s Historical Romance, Snowdrop Cookie Wishes. Here’s more about her book:

It’s been a difficult year in Lissi Johansen’s sixteenth-century Danish village. As Christmas approaches, she longs for holidays past when her parents visited their neighbors, distributing cookies and good wishes to all. She hopes to bake a single batch of her mama’s Snowdrop Cookies and tuck a gift of magic wishes inside. But she will need help to make the miracle come true.

Miller Ole Andersen is barely hanging on after the loss of his wife and child to the plague. When Lissi begs him for a measure of flour, he’s won over by her warmth and generous spirit. He never suspects the events that follow will teach him about the limitless capacity of the heart, or that wishes given away can sometimes be the most magical of all.

I’m sure you will be swept away as I was by Strickland’s mastery of scenery. I have loved all her historical romances because they magically transport me back in time and to a location I’ve never been. Next stop is Linzer Tarts and Broken Hearts by Carol Henry. This book is completely different as it is a contemporary, second chance romance with a hero in uniform. (oh yeah…) Here’s more about the book:

Christmas Cookie baking isn’t the only thing that’s heating up in the kitchen. Amber Talbot’s daughter, Beth, has invited her new best friend, Joanna, to bake Christmas cookies this year. Officer Jace Gunderson, single dad, insists on checking out the family first. From there, thanks to the two inseparable first graders, Amber and Jace’s lives intertwine over the holidays where they, too, become inseparable. But Amber doesn’t need another lawman in her life. Her first husband was killed in the line of duty. Can Jace win her over, despite her reluctance to commit to their fledgling relationship? Or will Amber reject his advances and ruin everyone’s Christmas?

While Linzer Tarts and Broken Hearts is on my to be read list, I have saved my favorite for last. I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Virginia Barlow’s Coconut Macaroon Scandal, and I absolutely loved it. Here’s my review of the book:

Coconut Macaroon Scandal by Virginia Barlow is a page-turner! Action-packed with steamy romance, this is a book I read in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down, but I never wanted it to end. Sebastian is the swoon-worthy hero that every reader wishes would sweep them off their feet. He’s the millionaire disguised as the guy-next-door. I instantly added him to my book boyfriend list.

He rides in like a knight in shining armor with a loving family, legal team, and private investigators on speed dial. Oh boy, our heroine, Emma needs them. Her hometown is full of villains that readers love to hate. The characters’ descriptions painted them in my mind’s eye vivid color. They popped off the page. With a satisfying happily-ever-after, this is a holiday read I will recommend to everyone who will listen.