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Happy Release day to Fortune Cookie Christmas by Jeanne Kern and A Christmas Cannoli Kiss by Anne Armistead. I love second chance romance where the heroine has thrown in the towel until the holidays. Both of these books have such heroines but their luck is changed in completely different ways.

Here’s the back of book blurb for Fortune Cookie Christmas:

Haley can’t face Christmas. Her super-critical family always hates her presents and her life. It’s her turn to prepare the holiday dinner, but her apartment kitchen is too small for anything but toast. Besides, she can’t cook.

When a cookie fortune turns out to be an ad—for Madam Zelda, fortune teller—Haley makes a desperate decision.

Chef Zach is the mastermind behind the ad, and he and Zelda show Haley a fortune cookie can be full of surprises, solutions, and love.

Sounds excellent, right? It is next on my reading list because I have already finished A Cannoli Kiss.

Here’s my review:

A Christmas Cannoli Kiss by Anne Armistead is a sweet, contemporary romance with an amazing cast of characters. I loved them all. Our heroine, Isabella, is a spitfire with a strong sense of family loyalty. She is someone you want to be your book bestie, but she has a dynamite crew of her own. Her posse reunites for Jen’s wedding, but I loved the interactions between all the women. Armistead has a gift for displaying friendship and camaraderie in a true-to-life way. From Isabella’s relationship to the aging Uncle Sal and Aunt Angie to her relationship with Bestie Beth’s twin daughters (delightful hellions), the author excels in showing Isabella’s giving heart rather than telling us about it.

However, my favorite character in the book is the city of Pittsburgh. From the food to the landmarks, I was transported back to the Italian district. I love this area of Pittsburgh, especially at Christmas time, and Armistead captured the magic unique to this city. I could picture Fontana’s bakery wedged between the historic shops and restaurants. I got to travel to one of my favorite places without leaving my home.

I highly recommend this romance for a romantic escape to the Italian district with a group of friends so realistic; you would think they are sitting beside you.