Luring the Lykan Coffee
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Welcome to the first installment of Santa’s Crumbs! I know. I know. Halloween hasn’t finished scaring everyone, so how can I think about Christmas? Easy — with a werewolf romance! I’m a huge fan of werewolves (I wrote one last summer. Do you remember?) so it is no surprise that I loved this book. Check it out, even if you aren’t ready to unleash your holiday spirit.
Luring the Lykans with Almond Macarons by Leslie Ann Brown is a cute romance between a dryad and a werewolf. This is my first dryad romance, and I was fascinated. Brown’s knowledge of Greek mythology makes the characters in this book shine and the details are incredible. Jo is mending a broken heart after spending 70 years healing in her tree. I loved her battle with modern technology. It was the perfect analogy for the stages of grief as she moves forward from her life before the healing.

Our hero, Kel, has a heart of gold hidden beneath a tough exterior. He runs a home for teen werewolf misfits. I loved his grouchy, alpha ways from page one. I loved his fierce loyalty to the kids and how he always put them first even though none of them were biologically his.

Overall, I recommend this holiday romance for the werewolf lover who likes a grouchy hero, a strong dryad heroine, and a story to warm your heart.