Her Sugar cookie heart coffee
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I can’t believe this is our last entry in the 2021 Santa’s Crumbs blog series. Where has the time gone? Our holiday season has flown which is why Her Sugar Cookie Heart is the perfect book for our last spot. Sarita Leone’s characters are asking where their time has gone as well. Two war-torn lovers are reunited after decades of heart ache and misunderstandings to find their happily ever after. It is fitting that I end this Christmas Cookie book review series with a book hangover from the emotional rollercoaster of Leone’s book. While I grab a second box of tissues, here’s me review: Her Sugar Cookie Heart by Sarita Leone pulled my heart strings until they threatened to snap. This quick read will hit you in the feels and make you grab the tissues. I was drawn into Willie and Betty’s tragic romance from the first page. The book hangover still hasn’t let me go. I can’t recommend this book enough to the hopeless romantic who wants to experience the highs and lows of those war-torn sweethearts who get a second chance. Not convinced yet? Here’s the back of the book blurb: Willie Sharpe and Liz Klein were high school sweethearts but their plans to marry in December 1940 are put on hold when war in Europe calls him away. When he returns to the States, he brings a French wife with him. Twenty years later, Liz has learned to live with her broken heart. The respected New York artist has moved on. The only reminder of her past are the heart shaped cookies she has the local baker snap in half. Then Willie shows up out of nowhere looking to rekindle their romance. Will it take Christmas magic for Liz to give him a second chance at love?   Thank you for joining me this holiday season on a tour of romance novellas. Happy holidays to you and your family.