Praline Dreams
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     Praline Dreams by Annette Miller is a fascinating paranormal romance. Daria and her father are ice cream scoopers in the summer and merpeople in the off-season. I loved the descriptions of their home, Tor, under the sea. Daria’s struggle to find her place on land or in the sea mirrors so many twenty-somethings trying to find their place in the world. I loved her blend of vulnerability and physical strength. She’s the type of heroine a reader wants to become friends with. When a tourist becomes obsessed with her, she sticks up for herself and tells them to shove off until it becomes a matter of security. But not all the tourists in Atlantic City are on her “no” list.
Zale is a swoon-worthy hero trying to keep his identity a secret. I loved the phone calls between him and his mother. They cracked me up! My favorite parts were watching Daria teach him about all the vacation vices – pretzels, ice cream, beer – workaholic Zale had never sampled. They were so cute together, but fate conspired against them at every turn. I wasn’t sure they would get their HEA until the last chapter and then I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding.
I highly recommend this sweet, paranormal romance to anyone who wants to meet their next mermaid book-bestie!
Here’s the back of the book blurb for more mer-magic!
As the summer season ends, Daria Drake and her father prepare to close their ice cream shop on the Atlantic City boardwalk. After Labor Day, they’ll return to the mer-city of Tor, their home under the ocean. When a handsome man enters one day and kicks out a trio of troublemakers, Daria’s captivated but won’t chance loving a human.
Zale Monroe is the captain of the palace guard in Tor, but the queen has forced him to take a vacation. He didn’t expect to find a beautiful girl and her father being harassed in their ice cream shop. These men are trouble, but how can he convince Daria of this without giving away his merman secret?