Smoother Than Spumoni tagline meme
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Thank you to everyone for joining me for my summer book review series “Sunday Sundaes”. I appreciate the authors who allowed me to feature their books and use their cover art in the graphics we have enjoyed together. I have had such a blast giving you the best summer treats. Today’s book doesn’t have a review because it is my own One Scoop or Two book – Smoother Than Spumoni. Sheltered, homeschooled, naive Frank Paulino Jr. is away from Strawberry KY for the first time. He can’t surf, can’t swim, and can’t resist the dolphin shifter who pedals an ice cream cart on Seagrass Island. Susie lures him into the water unaware of the dangers lurking beneath the waves…
Here’s a snippet of the action!
They move quickly, efficiently, and silently, only stopping to check over their shoulders every few minutes. When the exchange is complete, the truck starts again. Even though it is dark, without headlights they navigate unerringly through the native swamp.
“That was weird. You thought it was weird right?”
“Yeah, I want to know what is in those barrels.”
“Let’s leave it alone. We have been gone for months and have no idea how this area has changed. Let’s go home and ask our parents or Wilson.”
“Why? When one look at the label will answer all our questions? Besides, the truck has already left.”
“They could return.”
“As shady as they were acting, they aren’t coming back. Come on—”
“No way, Susie Q. We are going home.” Her voice shakes as she lays down her ultimatum. She can’t abandon me here in case I succumb to Red Tide on the swim home. However, tears have already started rolling down her cheeks. My bestie is terrified.
“You are right. Let’s go ask,” I say calmly. Why upset her more when I can bring a braver companion tomorrow? Surely a demon-slaying werewolf won’t be scared of a few barrels?