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Introducing my favorite One Scoop or Two books in series we are calling “Sunday Sundaes”. I am over-joyed to be joining this fantastic book series on 8/23/2021 with my paranormal romance, Smoother Than Spumoni. However, when does anyone go to an ice cream parlor and just have one flavor? Those free sample spoons are what make summer sweet. and I want to give you a taste of my favorites from the One Scoop or Two series before serving a scoop of spumoni. Besides being ice cream-centric, these books are shorter, lighter, & designed to be read beside a pool, ocean, or lawn crew. The 12 flavors we will be tasting are:

1.Stracciatella Gelato: Melting Time, Marilyn Baron, If only she knew then what she knows now….

2.Always, Almond Fudge, Charlotte O’Shay, A wartime romance starts a sweet family tradition

3.Orange Cream Dreams and Murderous Schemes, D.M. Grant, Ice cream never tasted so deadly

4.Vanilla with a Twist, Peggy Jaeger, “There’s never a wrong time for ice cream.” ~ Tandy Blakemore, Vanilla with a Twist.

5.Gelato Surprise, Sadira Stone, She came to the beach to find herself…and found him!

6.Mint Chip and Moonlight, Sarita Leone, Hot Spanish race car driver learns there’s more than ice cream to love on the Maine boardwalk!

7.Purse-stachio Makes a Splash, Wendy Kendall, Katherine Watson is up to her shoulder bag in danger on a chilling cold case. The exciting prequel to Kat Out of the Bag

8.Root Brew Float, Sydney Winward, Will she give up her magic for a mortal?

9.Summer of Sundaes, Amey Ziegler, He’s lost the only girl he’s ever loved only to find her again in the shop he needs to close to expand his business. Will they get a second chance at love?

10.Praline Dreams, Annette Miller, Love can be sweeter than ice cream.

11.Chocolate Raspberry Magic, Tena Stetler, When a fire breaks out at Puffin Cove Rescue, they are called in to help with the recovery & ice cream social fundraiser. Will it be enough?

and of course…

12.Smoother Than Spumoni, Marilyn Barr, She lures him into the water unaware of the dangers lurking beneath the waves

Tune in here every Sunday as I review another installment of the One Scoop or Two series and your tasting spoon of romance, mystery, and summer sweetness!