Orange Cream Dreams
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This week’s Sunday Sundae One Scoop or Two book is a new release. If you don’t have your hands on a copy of Orange Dreams and Murderous schemes you are missing out on the yummy groundskeeper, action, mystery, chemistry, and – did I mention the groundskeeper? Here’s my review:

D.M. Grant’s Orange Dreams and Murderous Schemes is a combination of murder mystery and enemies-to-lovers romance. I loved the world Grant built around Chocolate Lake – a lakeside resort owned by the Clark family. Our heroine, Callie Clark, is trying to prove she is more than a poor little rich girl. Callie buys an ice cream shack from her father and sets it up herself. I loved how the author made sure we saw her cleaning floors, serving customers, and scrubbing countertops in addition to the back-office chores of running the business. It shows the reader who Callie was becoming and puts them on “Team Callie”. I was as excited for her opening day as she until her ice cream-making assistant starts acting shifty. Before the end of the chapter, he’s gone, and Callie is a witness. I was on the edge of my seat with a million questions until the end of the book.
Good thing swoon-worthy Dean is there to scare off the killer and call the cops. I haven’t been this hooked on a groundskeeper since the early seasons of Desperate Housewives. The descriptions of his chores in the summer sun were totally swoon-worthy. Who knew hammering fence posts was so sexy? I think I need a fence. However, Dean is as golden on the inside as his tan. Despite being in an enemies-to-lovers romance, he is never vicious to Calle. He is honest, forthcoming with his feelings, and apologizes when he messes up.
I loved the mystery and the twists and turns, but I am purposefully leaving them out of this review. No spoilers here. Orange Dreams is an action-packed, page-turner I highly recommend to readers who love a murder mystery with a 3-flame romance on the side.