Gelato Surprise
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This week on #OneScoopOrTwo “Sunday Sundaes” I’m turning up the heat with Gelato Surprise by Sadira Stone. Danielle is a suburban mom who has lost her ability to enjoy life on her terms. She’s been buried in the mom persona & represents many recently divorced moms across the US. Stone nailed her characterization of Danielle, so it was easy for me to fall into the story. Heart-throb Matteo was sweeter than his gelato & said all the delicious things a woman wants to hear. After some of his lines, I had to stop reading to have my “girly sigh” moment. He’s now on my book-boyfriend list. Swoon!

What I loved most about this steamy romance was the accurate portrayal of Danielle’s kids, Olivia and Noah. I think this book gives the divorced parent reader hope that they will find love again. I highly recommend Gelato Surprise to anyone who likes their beautiful, hopeful romances extra spicy.

Here’s a swoon-worthy snippet –
Like a scene from a Fellini movie, everything around her slowed and blurred as his gaze slid down her body before returning to her eyes. His glossy eyebrows flicked up, a flirtatious salute. “Welcome to Paradiso, signora. Tell me, how can I serve you today?” With his ice cream scoop, he waved toward the Italian ices. “Something tart to soothe the heat? Limone or mandarino? Or perhaps something richer.” He leaned onto the glass case and rested his perfect cleft chin on his fist. “Cioccolato fondente? Zabaglione? Tiramisu?” Rolling off his tongue, the words sounded far more like seductive foreplay than dessert options.

She swallowed hard, took a step back, and tugged her collar away from her suddenly sweaty chest. “Uh—so many choices. I can’t decide.”

His teasing smile widened, slow and sure. “Then place yourself in my hands. Just tell me how many scoops and let me surprise you.”

She was helpless to resist. “Okay. You choose. Two scoops, please.” She cleared her throat and found a bit of courage. “I place myself in your expert hands.”