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Who I’m a half-French, half-Welsh author of paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi romance, based in London. I have been writing and publishing short stories since 2008, but my first fantasy romance novel, A Merman’s Choice, was published in 2019. My day job is compliance specialist for a pharmaceutical company. I escape into my world of shape-shifting merfolk, time-traveling warlocks, and space cowboys in the evening and weekends.
Interests I enjoy watching fantasy and sci-fi shows/movies with my husband. I love reading, fantasy is still my first love but I also read contemporary fiction and historical non-fiction. I’m a big fan of birdwatching – the natural world has been a life-saver during our interminable UK lockdowns.
Network I wouldn’t produce any books without the support of my publisher, Ric Savage at Black Velvet Seductions, my editor Laurie Sanders, and my fellow BVS authors. They’re a fantastic bunch. Shout out also to my husband – he’s my tech support and helps me out with all my computer issues, videos, etc.
Desk My desk is a small, cluttered table in the corner of the dining room. But I do a fair bit of my writing on the sofa in the living room – much more comfortable!
Outrageous I don’t have any special talents I’m afraid unless you count a detailed knowledge of the best way to prepare an altar for Communion – I’m a lay assistant in my local Anglican (Episcopalian) church. Sadly we have been in lockdown more or less since March 2020, so not many opportunities for fun at the moment, but hopefully things will improve with the rollout of the vaccines.
Window outside my window is my small garden. I love watching the birds on the feeder and in the birdbath. The lilac and buddleia add a welcome dose of colour in spring and summer.

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