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My new historical, “The Lady and the Laird” will be released Monday, March 21st from TheWildRosePress.  The romantic comedy set in the Highlands of Scotland. One of my favorite places on the planet!

Settings are as important as any character when I write. I actually consider settings as a character, often an inspiring character. A setting is a living breathing component of every story. If you know the sights and sounds, the history and the feel of the city and town, they will shine through and enhance the story.

Before writing “The Lady and the Laird,” my family and I took a road trip from Edinburgh to Callender to Glencoe to Dromadrocket to Culledon to Nairn to Aberdeen, to Stone Haven, and back to Edinburgh. We visited Aileen Castle and stayed in the Rash House in Skye. We toured Dunvegan Castle and trekked to the Fairy Pools. Small towns and large cities were equally as fascinating. When I write about Scotland, I’m reliving fond memories.

Have I always visited the settings that I write about?

No. While not always possible, most of the time I set my stories in places I have been to, I have experienced and I know. Because then I can taste the food I write about, and see the landscape; the flowers and trees, and feel the ground beneath my feet. And hopefully, so can my readers.

Come with me and “The Lady and the Laird,” let us take you to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland!