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I love the topic for this month because there’s something so special about living in a country where the 4 seasons take on such different looks. I’m going to talk about New England, ‘cuz that’s where I hang my hat, and we always joke about the seasons this way:  don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes. It’ll change.

This is sososo true.

New England boasts the 4 typical seasons, and a few more: Winter, mud season, sugar season, black fly season, spring, summer, fall, leaf-peeping season, and back to winter again.

 A New England fall is like none other, as typified by the above photo. Autumn, or as the locals call it Leaf peeping season, brings in valuable tourism dollars as people from all over the world come to the area during the peak leaf changing months of September and October, to view the area’s colorful majesty. A New England winter is also like none other. We have the full compliment of winter sports from skiing to skating, to ice fishing.
It’s no wonder most of my small town romances take place in New England and during every season.
In First Impressions, the hero and heroine go apple picking in an orchard that’s featured on the cover on a September day.
In my Match Made in Heaven series, the O’Dowd sisters live in the fictional town of Heaven, NH. Dearly Beloved takes place in the Fall, Today, Tomorrow, Always in Winter, and the newest, Baked with Love in Summer. All three books are rich in local seasonal descriptions.

Hope’s Dream is a winter-themed book and takes place in Vermont ( another New England state!) Notice the skiing motif on the cover! So typical of Vermont!
Vanilla with a Twist is set in a vacation community in New England during the summer.
I can never choose a favorite season when I’m asked to because they are all so special and each one offers something wonderful.
So…what’s your favorite season? Inquiring minds want to know.
Okay, it’s my mind. I want to know. Heehee

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