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Thanks for stopping. My name is Bronwyn Long Borne. I started writing in the 8th grade and haven’t stopped since with either my fantasy or historical romance books. After years of trying to secure an agent or publisher, I decided to self-publish my first fantasy book, Length of Days, for my 50th birthday. When the first proof arrived, it was a wonderful moment to see the culmination of years of scribbled notes and typed drafts in print! Length of Days was followed by Poetry of Days. Wonder of Days, the third book in the Shalemar Trilogy, is forthcoming.

While attending the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW) Gold Conference, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to pitch a book to Rhonda Penders, President of The Wild Rose Press. At last, success! It was another excellent milestone to be “welcomed to the garden” as a Wild Rose Press author. Custodian of the Spirits is the first book in Valley of Heart’s Delight series, a family saga set in California’s Santa Clara Valley. The second book in the series is in process.

More to follow!