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Happy Saturday you wonderful campers! Here we are in July and camping season is full steam ahead.
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Day one was May 30th which was my Birthday! We were on the road early and had a great travel day. Sun shone, temp perfect, dog loaded and off we went destination Florida. We stopped for two nights because hey, we’re retired now and can take our time. Pete is our main driver and he likes to do about 6 to 7 hours to the destination. That said, I do drive 2Hoots. I’m good for a couple of hours on the interstate or non-city routes.
St. Petersburg/ Madera Beach KOA was our goal. We had a lovely spot on the bayou. The view was great and the campground clean. While I went to the conference in Tampa, Pete and Hali hosted friends from the area. Shout out to Allen and Eva and
We enjoyed great weather but here’s a tip. If you are hitting the road in the summer and can afford an awning sunscreen do it. We bought a fairly inexpensive one and had it delivered to the KOA. At least half of the time when camping you’ll be catching afternoon sun and it gets pretty hot.

One of the things I enjoy most about the lifestyle is catching up with family and friends who live in other parts of the country. My Brooklyn cousins moved to St. Augustine years ago and we haven’t seen them since. So, we went to Bobby and Kat who not only live there but they are campers too. We went to out to dinner and the next day to their house which is on a canal. We all enjoyed the boat ride, including Hali.  Guess what you get another tip make sure when you apply sunscreen you get all the spots.

Georgia was our next stop. We have a map of the USA stuck to the inside of 2Hoots door. Each time we drop the landing gear, I get to put a sticker for that state on the map. Pete won’t let me cheat. I think if we pass through we should get to claim it. He’s such a stickler for rules.  But Georgia was where I purchased my National Senior Park Pass. Tip if you like to travel and visit sites, this is a must-have. Yes, it cost $80, but it’s good forever and we already have nearly broken even. You get in and can bring up to three guests. So save your pennies and invest in it. Next trip here we’re going to try for Jekyll Island campground. This is a very cool place.

I mentioned visiting, right? South Carolina, here we come. One of Pete’s besties lives there. Rod and his son Jonathan met us for lunch. We’d stopped at one restaurant but it was outside seating only and the day was a scorcher. So we moved to a different spot and it was so worth it. Anyone who knows my DH knows he loathes veggies. I know, I know but what can you do? Well, get this. I got him to try Okra and he liked it. (Okay, it was fried but…) He also had a BLT with Avocado! And did I mention this KOA has a wine bar? I didn’t!  Well, it does. This was Pete’s top campground. Not because of how well maintained it is. It is. Not for the pool. It’s a nice one. But for the people working there. An amazing crew of KOA Work Kampers. Not only that, but it has a Tardis. Not really but I can pretend. It’s a Little Library. Tip look around you and you’ll be amazed at the whimsy

Bet you can’t guess where we went next? (Rolling my eyes). North Carolina. We got to sit in the big chair, visited two more wineries. We tried to get into Wilmington and also to do the river walk. Unfortunately, the traffic and construction in the area was not conducive to parking Pete’s truck. What’s a girl to do? Get thee to another winery or two, that’s what. We picked up a few bottles, hung out chatting with other patrons. One of the nicest things is that many of these places are dog-friendly.   If you know me you know I love cooking over the fire. So I had a piece of salmon. (Pete doesn’t eat fish either) Well, we built a fire. I broke out my cast iron pan and got the oil screaming hot. Went to place the salmon in. Dropped it into the pan and yep splattered my legs. Still healing. I’ll never be a leg model anyway. Tip- be careful.

Next up, Virginia. Not the first time camping here and definitely not our last time. With so much to see and do, you won’t be disappointed. This was the highlight of my trip. Since a young girl, I’ve been a horse fanatic. My first horse was Cocoa, followed by Carrie, and eventually Apache. Apache reminded me most of the Ponies of Assateague. We stayed on Chincoteague Island which in itself is wonderful, but this is where we used the park pass the most. There was a great lighthouse too. Tip- visit the places of your dreams.

Last but not least was Massey’s Landing Campground in Delaware. This was a resort camping ground. I can’t tell you how many golf carts were there but at times it felt like I was at NASCAR as they went round and round. We enjoyed playing cornhole with our neighbors, time in the pool, and even met one of my fans.

Home base in NJ was waiting for us and here’s your last tip though maybe it’s an observation. Get out there and see the world. Don’t be shy, and introduce yourself to those you meet.  Spend some time in local shops, especially bookstores. Always be grateful when you get home.

I hope you enjoyed my camping adventures. We’re heading out again in August, September, and October, so check back for more about our adventures in 2Hoots.

Wild Ponies


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