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It’s January 27 and as I write this, the view out my office window overlooking my woodland property is blanketed with snow – just as it has been every January since I moved to New England almost 30 years ago.



To say I live in a Winter Wonderland would not be an incorrect statement. Typically, my area of New England is covered with snow from early December until April, and sometimes there have even been a few flakes of the white stuff still around on my birthday, May 19th.


Do I love living where the temps can be frigidly cold for almost 3 months?

Nope. Not a fan of the cold.

But I have to admit, the beauty and the quiet of the snow surrounding me is a gift to the eyes.

I’m not a big winter sports gal. I tried skiing and blew out my knee.

I ice skated for thirty years before a freak skating accident destroyed one of my ankles. Now when I go thru airports the metal detectors have a field day with me. They light-up, ping, and generally make me embarrassed when they zero in on all the hardware keeping my body glued together.

But I will admit that I lovelovelove writing during the winter because it’s the perfect weather situation for a hermit, like myself. I can hole up in my house for weeks at a time, write myself silly, and still enjoy the view of the winter wonderland outside my windows.


Many of my romance books are set in New England, and a recent one TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS ( A Match Made in Heaven book 2) is set in New Hampshire during the months of January and February. There are a few snowstorms in the book, competing with the storm of emotions revolving around the hero and heroine. The cover artist did me a solid when she depicted the couple in a beautiful winter scene.

Lawyer Cathleen O’Dowd wants to break free from her boring image. Widowed young, she’s toed the good-girl line but now wants a little fun and laughter in her days…and nights. Living in a small town, though, she can’t do anything that would tarnish her professional reputation.

Mac Frayne’s tragic past has turned him into a sullen loner. In town to write a book on the city’s founder, his plan is to get it done, then head home to his solitary existence.

When circumstances force them to work together, their opposing personalities clash, but the sexual attraction between them is palpable.

Can a simple affair with an end date be just the thing to brighten up their lives?

So, back I go to writing. As I’m finishing this the snow is falling again and I feel such a sense of peace and quiet in my life.

And beauty…let’s not forget the beauty.

Until next month, Peeps ~ Peg

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