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Book Promotion made easy

Showcase your Book

Tell the world about your book, show off the cover, and tease readers with snippets of the story

Connect with readers

Blog on site about yourself and your work, upload images, respond to comments by readers, build your audience

get reviews and rankings

Get reviewed by readers and fellow authors and have those rankings appear in Google search

manage your profile

Update your profile picture, add a banner image, write your bio, and keep the information about yourself up-to-date.

Choose the perfect plan

Each of our plans have something to offer all authors regardless of your budget.
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Frequently asked questions

Once you create an account, Sapphire, Emerald, or Diamond, you are given a page where you can post about yourself, upload your photo, and upload a banner image.  You can also add all your social feeds, your website address, and external blog URL if you have one.

Your book’s cover will be shown in rotations and side bar listings throughout the website.

Google indexes our site and grabs the rankings/ratings you receive on your books and posts the diamonds in the search results.

Your book will have a prominent place on the main home page for a week where all visitors will see it first.

Your Author Bio will appear in a prominent place on our main home page where it will be seen by all visitors.

You can run a ‘sweepstakes’ and giveaway a copy of your print book, ebook, or gift card for FREE from our site.  There are NO added fees or costs to you. You receive the winner’s information and the names of the subscribers who signed up for your giveaway.  You are responsible for delivering the prize, but if you need assistance, please contact us.

Depending on your membership level, you may request one or more reviews of your book or books.  Our vetted reviewers will choose from all submitted requests and may review your book.  If a review is done, you will be given that review to share across all your promotional platforms, including distribution sites such as Amazon, World Catalog, and Barnes & Noble, as well as your own website and Facebook page accounts.

Reviews are NOT guaranteed.  There are only a handful of reviewers for a lot of books and they make the choice of what they wish to review.

To upgrade your account, you choose the NEW package you want, purchase the subscription, then notify us so we can cancel your other subscription.

Contact Us

To cancel your subscription you will need to contact us so that we may turn off your payment schedule with Stripe.

Contact Us

Our clients say

“I love being able to promote my books in one place.  Having to keep up a website is so time consuming that I find I actually try to avoid updating it.  It’s just too much work.  Book Gems, however, does it all for me!  I can showcase my books, blog, do giveaways, even get reviews.  I’ve needed a place like this for a long time.”  

Jo Barrett

“I have been thrilled with BookGems. I love that all of my books are showcased and that I can include links to retailers but I really love the boost in my SEO. I also love that I have the ability to promote on their blog. I have worked with Rhonda and RJ in the past and love that they have given authors another tool for their promotion arsenal.”

Award Winning Author,
KyAnn Waters

“I’ve waited a long time for something like Book Gems to come along.  It’s a place where I can inexpensively showcase my books, have control over my blog and my author information, etc. all in one place.  I hate having to update my website all the time and use different platforms to blog so I’ve all but stopped doing it, but now I’m with Book Gems and things are so easy.  I also really like another place where I might be able to get a review for my books.”

Roni Adams

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