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  • Julie A. D'Arcy

About Me :
About the Author-
I am an Australian and have been an author for over twenty years. If you enjoy Fantasy, Paranormal, and Vampire Romance novels with plenty of story, action, love and lust, including sexy flawed heroes and beautiful spirited women that don't mind getting a little blood on their hands, you have come to the right place.
I grew up reading the likes of Lord of the Rings, Once and Future King, and every fairy-tale I could get my hands on. Later on falling in love with the works of David Gemmell, Terry Brooks, and Johanna Lindsey.
Someone asked me once if I plot my novels or let the story unfold as I write? I do plot a little bit, just a couple of lines to keep the story moving. But most of the time I write by the seat of my pants. My ideas for a scene usually come to me as I am doing something totally different like housework.
I was ill for almost 10 years and could barely write anything. But I am through with that part of my life and have thrown myself into my writing. My backlist has been picked up by The Wild Rose Press.
I finished a book I had been drifting along with for that, ten years I referred to, and have written half another book. A sequel to a novel of mine called Silverdawn. Someone also asked which of my books I like the best. This would be akin to choosing which of my children I love best. The only thing I can answer to that is all of them! My characters are like my babies, I create them, breathe life into them, grow them up, and then have to let them go to stand on their own.