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  • KathleenBuckley

About Me :
When I was a child, I wanted to be a spy, an astronaut, or a reporter. As my eyes have always been bad, I'm not athletic, and I hate asking intrusive questions, I decided to be a fiction writer instead. And I always liked England and old stuff, any old stuff, as long as it was older than what is now called "vintage". The first historical romances I read were Georgette Heyer's, so she was my strongest influence when I decided to try writing one.
I like historical fiction that conveys the feeling of the period so I research the details carefully--and sometimes they're odd details. Like the weight of a model 1717 Charleville Armory flintlock musket or 18th century English guardianship law. Have I mentioned my books are set in the 1740s? The mid-18th century is my favorite time: the puritanical influence had faded, the influence of Charles II's court was fading, but the over-nice, over-proper Victorians were still far in the future. Full disclosure: my books contain language ("Damme!", bastard, whore and the like, but nothing as bad as you'd hear from many middle-schoolers), crime, and dens of vice, but no explicit sex.