Rated 3 out of 5
July 16, 2021

Starting up a series 6 books in is not easy, but Ms. Stetler makes it smooth and fun. This book can be read as a standalone. It was easy for me to pick up what was going on. There are many references to previous books and characters from those books did show up in this one. Ms. Stetler gave just enough background to make it easy to fit the pieces together and enjoy the story.
The story kicks off on a sad note with a broken engagement between Gale and Dillion. It appears that the hot headed Dillion give Gale an ultimatum which she couldn’t accept. At first I thought Dillion was possibly a jerk and she would be better off without him. As the story unfolds, we find out that Dillion is just a dork when it comes to communications. His inability to lay it out on the line and discuss with Gale caused unnecessary heartache. Once again, we have some male thinking he knows better and that he can solve the problems on his own.
The set up of this story is well done. The tension and conflict is also quite good. I liked the characters. Dillion is a guy who wants to fix everything and people depend upon him. Gale is a force to be reckoned with and she’s sweet. Their circle of friends are loyal and wonderful. What bothered me about this story is the ending and the motive for why Dillion’s family went completely sideways. As a motive it came across weak to me and so … odd. His father’s irrational behaviour just didn’t jive for me. I understand why he did what he did. I also understand how Dillion’s father went about it. The reason for it just didn’t hold up for me.
Still, this story was a good read and I enjoyed the dynamic between the main and secondary characters. The strong females in this book as well as the direct males with little patience were a delight. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love a happily ever after.

La Crimson Femme
Rated 5 out of 5
July 12, 2021

Vanilla with a Twist by Peggy Jaeger is the heart-warming tale of a single mom trying to make it on her own. I wanted to be Tandy’s friend from page one. She’s the strong heroine with a heart of gold who I wanted to find her Prince Charming. To say she’s had to claw her way through the patriarchy is an understatement.
Deacon the workaholic engineer is swoon-worthy in every way. What I loved most about their romance is the acts of service as a means of showing affection. This love language is often overlooked (because it is difficult to write) and Jaeger nails it.
I highly recommend Vanilla with a Twist to anyone who wants to be transported to the small town of Beacher’s Cove NH and experience the quiet romance sure to melt your heart.

Marilyn Barr
Rated 5 out of 5
June 28, 2021

This is the first book in the fantastic new Wylder West Series from The Wild Rose Press. I’ve read them all and loved each one. As usual, I read the first book in the series last. Darn it. I always do that. But it didn’t matter one bit.
Anyway The Wylder County Social Club set the old west town of Wylder, Wyoming and has the town in an uproar. Especially when Eliza Jane comes to town to take care of her injured mother,Miss Addie, the madam at the club. Nope, Eliza has no idea. That’s all I will say about the plot. Don’t want to spoil things for you. I will say the story keeps you turning pages to find out what happens next. The characters are well written, the town is described so well, I could almost see, feel and smell the area. I love a book written that sucks you right in and makes you feel a part of the story. The handsome hero and a beautiful heroine will tug at your heartstrings. There are laugh out loud moments and situation where I couldn’t contain the giggles. If you enjoy westerns, you’re going to love the Wylder Series. I highly recommend Wylder County Social Club! You still here?? Don’t just sit there, get out there and grab a copy. You’ll be so glad you did.

Tena Stetler
Rated 5 out of 5
June 28, 2021

Gentle and honest Gus Wright is the town Undertaker. He gets more than he bargains for when picking up a deluxe special order coffin for a customer. Inside the coffin, Phoebe Corbet a beautiful, young, woman very much alive throws herself on his mercy. Danger, passion, and deception abound in this entertaining book, seventh in the Wylder West series and the second Wylder book by Laura Strickland. This series brings together authors from the Wild Rose Press family to write a Multi-author series.
Scene descriptions suck you in until you are experiencing Wylder, Wyoming through the eyes of its well-written characters in all of Wylder’s glory as you turn page after page. Welcome to Wylder, Wyoming where anything may happen. I highly recommend A Wylder Undertaking as well as the entire series.
Are you still sitting there? What are you waiting for? Skedaddle and procure a copy of A Wylder Undertaking at the least, or binge on the whole series!

Tena Stetler
Rated 4 out of 5
June 23, 2021

Marilyn Barr wastes little time in drawing a reader into Dance to a Wylder Beat. Just one of the books in the Wylder series from The Wild Rose Press.
Olive Muegge wants a forever place of her own to lay her head. Her heritage prevents her from making a home just anywhere, and her inner beast needs a secure location to avoid hunters. When an advertisement for a mail-order bride comes into her possession, she answers and accepts the offer.
Nartan Sagebrush needs a genteel wife to pave his way into the town of Wyder’s society elite. He wants acceptance for himself and his brother. A brother traumatized from an attack on their tribe when Nartan was younger and away from home. A circumstance that adds guilt to his heart, and so he does everything he can think of to make certain his home is ready for his lady-bride.
Dance to a Wylder Beat sounds like a routine romance but believe me when I say Olive and Nartan’s relationship is anything but routine. She is feisty, not easily shocked, gives as good as she gets, and a far cry from being a society princess. I love these attributes about the heroine. They make her believable as a character and many readers can identify with her, and that is honey on the biscuit when it comes to the first time they meet.
Nartan has arrived in town ready to take home his perfect bride. The woman that will make everything right for the Sagebrush brothers. What he finds is a shoeless, shrieking fishwife, being held in the arms of a saloon varmint. Snatching Olive out of harm’s way, he takes on her assailant in a fight that leaves his hard fought clean and handsome image a wishful dream.
The path to their wedding is not clear, but is filled with humor, rapid repartee, and a growing love that Olive hopes will survive the secret she has hidden. Throw in spiritual advisors, a younger brother who makes you wish he was yours, and some out-of-place verbiage can be ignored. A wonderful way of spending an afternoon or night with Marilyn Barr’s Dance to a Wylder Beat.

Mistress Of Book Reviews