Rated 5 out of 5
August 30, 2021

Chocolate Raspberry Magic by Tena Stetler is a must-read for every animal lover on vacation. The beautiful moments between heroine Trinity and her rescue parrot, Ashes, melted my heart.
The gentle heroine brings light and healing to everyone she meets – including love interest Paul. Paul is a veteran who works at the animal rescue and suffers from PTSD. The patience, acceptance, and accommodation shown by Trinity gave her a place on my favorite heroine’s list. Reading his growth with her tender guidance, was beautiful. With magic, animal interactions, a stunning seaside setting, and the best cabin ever, this book had everything a paranormal romance reader loves.
I highly recommend this book to the animal lover and the paranormal romance reader who is looking for a feel-good beach read.

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Marilyn Barr
Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2021

Lovely historical romance set during WWII.

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Babs W
Rated 5 out of 5
August 2, 2021

Purse-stachio Makes a Splash by Wendy Kendall reminds me of Mid-Sommer Murders but with the fashion of Sex in the City. Fans of Wendy Kendall’s other works will geek out over the return of their favorite characters. For me, I rarely read cozy mysteries and enjoyed every page of this one. I loved the heart-warming story of the ice cream owner and his rebellious daughter. The mystery kept the pages turning and I couldn’t figure out whodunnit until the very end.
I highly recommend Purse-stachio Makes a Splash for the mystery lover who is vacationing on the beach.

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Marilyn Barr
Rated 3 out of 5
July 29, 2021

Nartan Sagebrush’s name may mean “to dance” in Arapaho, but he dances in secret. Forced to abandon his Shamanic apprenticeship, he is overwhelmed with homesteader life, and even his spirit guides are at their wit’s end. Nartan takes fate into his own hands. Instead of divine intervention, a wife will help with his responsibilities and in assimilating into the Wylder community.
Olive Muegge answers Nartan’s “wife wanted” advertisement. Wildly independent she has secretly dreamed of a family to call her own. The secret she carries inside makes her an outcast and her wild ways don’t fit the quiet wife Nartan thinks he desires.
Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other but a mistake may drive them apart. Will Nartan embrace his Shamanic past to save them both or will he choose to rid himself of Olive forever?
Our Review: For those readers who thrive on fiction centered in the old west—and those who lean toward the paranormal—Dance to a Wylder Beat, the latest in the Wylder West series for the Wild Rose Press—is an experience. Author Marilyn Barr has gone above and beyond in her research, not only for the customs and beliefs of the Arapaho nation, techniques once used to prepare animal hides for tanning, popular recipes of the time frame, and an all around lexicon of everyday life in the old West. This is a unique love story between two deserving, multi-layered characters.
On a scale of 1-5, Dance to a Wylder Beat deserves a 3.5
Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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Kat Henry Doran
Rated 4 out of 5
July 26, 2021

After I read my first book by Peggy Jaeger, I became a fan of this wonderful contemporary author. As in Baked With Love, she has penned a hero and heroine who I genuinely like in her soon to be released novel Balance. Phillipa Doubletree and Decker Madina couldn’t be more different in their lives than a predatory big cat and a lamb. But as they say opposites do attract and despite a rough introduction, these two definitely struck a spark with one another. Once they realized they are on the same team in helping an abused woman, they become aware of other areas that could possibly fuse a friendship. Decker, former Army medic, now a physician’s assistant, has seen the worse of what mankind can do to one another in the emergency room he works in. Phil as her friends call her is employed at the women’s center. She doesn’t have to work, she has a trust fund, she’s invested in different areas, and is a woman of means. Being rich is one of the reasons she ended up with a no-good parasite as a husband. Now, she’s free and he’s in jail, and life is looking up. When she meets the handsome Decker, who gives his all to help others, she begins to realize not all men are snakes. But just because he has a son who makes her heart feel truly loved, doesn’t mean she should jump into a relationship without giving it due thought. Decker lost his wife when her military convoy was ambushed. He’s totally startled to find himself attracted to a woman who dresses like money but acts like she’s no one special. Yet, some things are just not adding up for Decker. Soon this couple finds themselves falling into an emotional whirlwind—not to mention a combustible physical connection, but when a lie of omission is discovered Decker and Phillipa are both shocked at the results. And this is where I leave you to find out on your own all the details I kept secret and believe me there are many. Now, I suggest you put in your pre-release order for Balance!

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Mistress Of Book Reviews